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Safe Futures Rescue Program

Still in its preliminary planning stages, the Homes, Schools, Futures Project is one which greatly excites our entire team at Reinstalling Hope. Throughout each of our partner schools, we have found stories of bright, intelligent students who are also orphans or victims of domestic abuse. Although these children are some of the hardest-working in their schools, their futures are seriously jeopardized by dangers or uncertainties at home. Through discussions with students, faculty, and community members, Reinstalling Hope is looking to provide stable living situations and educational access to a group of high-achieving students from unsafe family backgrounds. Our current proposal is to purchase living space suitable for 5 students in the Kritipur region of Kathmandu, and move at-risk students into this space. We would provide supervision and living necessities, alongside proximity to and enrollment in a high-quality partner school. Other options are being considered for partnership with farther-off boarding schools. This would be Reinstalling Hope’s most ambitious project to date. However, we hope that by providing such an opportunity we may not only save victims of domestic abuse, but also give these children a better future than they could have ever imagined.


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