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Join Us as a Social Media Intern

Welcome to Reinstalling Hope’s Social Media Internship Program! Are you passionate about leveraging the power of social media to create positive change? If so, we invite you to be a part of our dynamic team and contribute to our mission of making a meaningful impact in society.
Apply Here! (include the form in this hyperlink)

Internship Description:

As a Social Media Intern at RH, you will play a vital role in amplifying our message and engaging with our diverse audience. Your responsibilities will include:

Regular Postings: Create and schedule regular posts on our social media platforms, ensuring a consistent and engaging online presence.

Audience Engagement: Foster meaningful interactions with our audience through comments, messages, and community engagement.

Content Creation: Utilize your poster design, writing, and summarizing skills to craft compelling content that aligns with our organization’s mission and values.


Education: Minimum high school diploma or equivalent.

Required Skills:

  • Proficient in using Canva or other
  • Strong writing and summarizing skills.
  • Effective communication skills to engage with our audience.

Internship Details:

Work Hours: 5 hours per week, with flexible scheduling to accommodate your commitments.

Virtual Opportunity: This internship can be done virtually, allowing you to contribute from anywhere in the world.

Compensation: This is an unpaid/volunteer position. Our internships are designed to provide exposure to our projects, celebrate team spirit, and offer a unique learning experience.